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WorksourceOne Youth Programs
Young Adults 16-24 years old

The Young Adult Program is now located on the first floor in our One-Stop Center.

Check out our 2016 Summer Employment Program Newsletter

Niagara County Employment & Training's Young Adult Employment Opportunities Program provides a comprehensive array of services to eligible out of school young adults, up to age 24, who can benefit from work experience, basic skills upgrading or occupational training. 

Operation Job Search consists of three programs for young adults in Niagara County, all with an emphasis on work ethic, job search skills and preparation for entering and maintaining unsubsidized employment.  This is accomplished through creative program design and mentorship emphasizing linkages between schools, community agencies, and employers to provide training and employment opportunities.  All of our counselors are "hands on" to maximize participant success.

Please see the Programs page for a breakdown of our programs and see which one is right for you. 

Complete the Application and mail it or bring it to: Niagara County Employment & Training Trott Access Center 1001 Eleventh Street Niagara Falls, New York 14301 Once you apply, an employment counselor will meet with you to discuss your situation in private and get you started on a path to success!

Questions? Please call Kathy at 278-8582

Success stories from our participants

Niagara County Employment & Training Young Adult Employment program helped me by improving my math skills and literacy skills.  I had to attend the TASC class in order to attend the Young Adult program.  I then started my work experience and worked about 4 or 5 months at Walgreens and I became a full employee of Walgreens after I completed my work experience.  This was one of the programs I will recommend to my friends too.  I would like to thank Katherine Noakes for pushing me to get this job done and accomplish one of my goals.


The Niagara County Employment & Training young adult program has helped me be a success by helping me stay focused on searching for a job.  Now I am a PCA and I love my job.  I also received my GED while in this program. 


This program helped me increase my math scores which I have always struggled with.  Since my math scores went up I had the ability to attend  Home Health Aide classes and get training to get a good career going for me.  I am now working through the program, which really makes me happy and helps me out.  The number one person I want to thank would be Kathy Noakes.  I really appreciate everything she has done for me.  I feel like I'm moving up in life which makes me proud.


Niagara County Employment & Training staff, with funds from The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), are committed to helping the young adults of Niagara County reach their full potential and become successful members of their communities.