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Returning to Work

NYS DOL Information on Returning to work after collecting Unemployment

When you return to work, you should claim credit for the last days you were out of work. Then, simply stop claiming weekly benefits. No notification is needed.

You must start accurately claiming benefits the first day you start work, not when you receive your first paycheck.

If you start work in the middle of a week, when you claim benefits report the number of days worked and if you made over the maximum benefit rate (currently $504) for the week, even if you haven't been paid yet.


If you work fewer than four days in a week and do not earn over the maximum benefit rate ($504), you may be eligible to receive a partial benefit payment. 

Make sure to keep your PIN, identification, password, and debit card (if you have one) in a safe place in case you need to start claiming benefits again.

The law does not allow someone who is unemployed to turn down a job offer because of general fear of COVID-19 and still receive benefits. Image