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Differently-Abled opportunities!


Social Security Work Incentives and the Return to Work......understanding the path to self-sufficiency

  • This informative workshop will show you how work incentives through the Social Security Administration can help you return to work successfully, and guide you as to what programs and services you are eligible for.
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Disability Resource Coordination: FREE support to job seekers with disabilities

20% of the workforce has a disability or will acquire one during their working years (ages 16-65 years). Many job seekers with disabilities are looking for services and supports that can address their particular concerns. The Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) can assist with the unique needs and concerns of job seekers with disabilities.

We can assist with the following:

  • Job Search Skills 
  • Access to Community Resources
  • SSI / SSD Benefits Advisement 
  • Plan for Economic Self-Sufficiency 
  • And more!

Did you know?

In our Resource Room we have a computer with internet access and Assistive Technologies available including; headphones, adaptive computer (screen magnification, Read & Write Gold, JAWS, Dragon Naturally Speaking) high contrast keyboard with larger print characters, slimblade trackball, scanner and desktop microphone.

We also have Interpreters available by phone for non-english speaking customers in the Center, and Sign language interpreters can be arranged for scheduled meetings with Center staff.


Are you a professional working with individuals with disabilities?

Check out this great *NEW* resource for 2020....the Make it Quick series!



Hear from some of our were we able to assist?

  • Connie

  • Connie came to Niagara’s WorkSourceOne because she was going back to work and knew she needed help understanding how earning a wage will affect her SSDI cash benefits. Connie started work in June '13 and remains there today. Along the way Connie required assistance managing benefits when earning a wage, securing utility support, addressing housing issues, gaining transportation assistance, and learning how to request reasonable accommodations from her employer, as well as connecting to a peer support group. Today, Connie feels more productive and has improved confidence. Work has given her the freedom to travel and an employee discount for a nationwide hotel chain. Connie is beginning to plan for her future. Connie has a talent for writing and desires to become a published author. We have begun exploring ways to get her work published. Connie has had an adventurous journey to self-sufficiency. The Ticket to Work program, combined with the services available at Niagara’s WorkSourceOne will get Connie to a life of financial independence.
  • Anthony 

  • Anthony was thinking about going back to work. Anthony had been receiving SSA disability benefits for 10 years and was getting restless...needing a change in his life. After attending workshops on how wages affect SSA disability benefits, a peer workshop, and a job search prep workshop, Anthony became convinced that he would try going back to work to become self-sufficient and build up his retirement. When we first met Anthony, we discussed his employment objective, previous work history, and barriers. Although Anthony had a recent 10 year employment gap, he did have the knowledge and skills required to apply for a security guard job. In addition, we discussed Anthony’s personal goals which included paying off his credit cards, moving to a better apartment and taking his wife on a vacation. We discussed how the SSA Work Incentives could assist him in achieving these goals within 1 year's time. Anthony found a Security Officer job at a large, local employer at a pay rate that would help him gain self-sufficiency. 11 months later, Anthony has paid off his credit cards, improved his living situation, taken his wife on 3 long weekend trips to Philadelphia, NYC, and Detriot, AND is one month away from ending his SSA disability cash benefits! During this time, Anthony has also been able to drop his individual Medicare and join his employer’s health care plan for his entire family at less out of pocket cost to himself and his family. Anthony has received 2 raises and a significant company bonus, and is now planning to take his wife to Brazil next summer. When we recently spoke to Anthony, he said he was thankful of the supports and guidance he received from the Ticket to Work program at Niagara’s WorkSourceOne because he has improved the life of his family and has realized his dreams in 11 months time.
  • Gary

  • Gary came to Niagara’s WorkSourceOne mainly because of his frustration with some of the Social Security Administration's requirements. Gary has a developmental disability and is working with an area OPWDD agency, too. At our first meeting, Gary verbally expressed his frustration with the constant letters and demands from SSA. He also expressed his belief that he was capable of competitive work and earning enough to move off benefits. We sat down with Gary, his job coach and his family members to discuss Gary’s SSA benefits and how wages will affect those benefits. We also discussed what monthly wage we would be aiming for to get Gary self-sufficient. Gary had the skills and ambition to make the leap, so he was connected to an employer looking for his skill sets. Gary started work in April '13 and remains there today. Along the way, Gary was given assistance managing his SSA benefits while earning a wage, securing utility support, addressing housing issues, learning conflict resolution with his new employer and co-workers, and gaining organizational skills. Work has given Gary a tremendous sense of accomplishment and in his words, he's excited to feel "productive and normal"! Gary is beginning to plan for his future. Now, over 1 year later, Gary has become self-sufficient; he has visited family out of state, reconnected with a retirement savings plan and has completed needed home improvements. Gary credits the Ticket to Work program through Niagara’s WorkSourceOne with giving him a life of financial independence.

For more information or to get started, please contact our Disability Resource Coordinator:

Marilyn Patterson
Niagara's WorkSourceOne
1001 Eleventh St.
Niagara Falls, NY 14301
(716) 278-1695
[email protected]

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*Sean Fisher is a student at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, and the face of the AbleX Series. More information can be found at