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Niagara's Talent Resume Bank

What is Niagara’s Talent?

Niagara’s Talent is an exclusive online database of Niagara’s WorkSourceOne customer resumes that local businesses can search to find ideal candidates for job openings.

Businesses are able to search for candidates based on criteria such as:

  • skill
  • qualifications
  • experience level

 The database is refreshed every 90 days to ensure that the displayed candidates are current, active job seekers.

*Please Note*: To preserve confidentiality and ensure candidate's personal information is safe and secure, all resumes are uploaded as a PDF document and identifying information such as address and phone number have been removed. Candidate's are assigned a corresponding Resume ID # for identification purposes.

To view the complete resume(s) of your choice and obtain the desired candidate's contact information:

Reach out to Gerald Cracknell either by phone at 716-278-8243 or email at [email protected] with the Resume ID #(s) of interest.

If you are an active Niagara job seeker interested in being featured in Niagara's Talent, please call (716) 278-8243 for more information.

Experience Levels are defined as follows:

  • Entry = 0 to 1 year of experience
  • Intermediate = 1 to 3 years of experience
  • Advanced = Over 3 years of experience

Search the Niagara's Talent resume database below:

Date ListedSorted By Date Listed In Descending OrderJob TitleCandidateExperience LevelResume
07/29/2022CNA/HHAResume 674AdvancedResume 674.pdf
07/29/2022ProductionResume 675AdvancedResume 675.pdf
07/29/2022HHAResume 676AdvancedResume 676.pdf
07/29/2022MaintenanceResume 677AdvancedResume 677.pdf
07/29/2022Auto/Diesel MechanicResume 678AdvancedResume 678.pdf
07/29/2022LaborerResume 679AdvancedResume 679.pdf
07/29/2022Customer Service / HHAResume 680AdvancedResume 680.pdf
07/29/2022Customer Service / Human ServicesResume 681AdvancedResume 681.pdf
07/29/2022LaborerResume 682AdvancedResume 682.pdf
07/29/2022ProductionResume 683AdvancedResume 683.pdf
07/12/2022Customer ServiceResume 658Entry LevelResume 658.pdf
07/12/2022Retail/Customer ServiceResume 659AdvancedResume 659.pdf
07/12/2022ProductionResume 660AdvancedResume 660.pdf
07/12/2022Truck DriverResume 661AdvancedResume 661.pdf
07/12/2022WarehouseResume 662AdvancedResume 662.pdf
07/12/2022Welding/ConstructionResume 663AdvancedResume 663.pdf
07/12/2022Retail/Customer ServiceResume 664AdvancedResume 664.pdf
07/12/2022Customer ServiceResume 665AdvancedResume 665.pdf
07/12/2022Laborer/ConstructionResume 666AdvancedResume 666.pdf
07/12/2022Retail/Customer ServiceResume 667IntermediateResume 667.pdf
07/12/2022PCAResume 668AdvancedResume 668 .pdf
07/12/2022Production/AssemblyResume 669AdvancedResume 669.pdf
07/12/2022Restaurant ManagerResume 670AdvancedResume 670.pdf
07/12/2022ProductionResume 371AdvancedResume 671.pdf
07/12/2022DispatchResume 672AdvancedResume 672.pdf
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