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Share in Our Customers Success Stories!!

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Here's a sampling of the feedback from our customers this past month - THANK YOU for allowing us to assist with your job-search journey! 


Did our staff go the Extra Mile for you today?


"Today's meeting with Karen was very productive for us. She has been a rock to lean on in an unstable period of my career. Kudos to the whole staff in this office; Mendez, Suzanne, Michael, Byron, Heather } A-#1"


"Yes they did! Suzanne and Morales were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. Thank you"


"Yes, absolutely. Miss Marilyn was great and more than helpful, very kind, courteous, and understanding"


"Very Good, I was pleased about everything and everything went very well."




More Success Stories - Congratulations to all!


“The One Stop Center and especially the Business Recruitment events made it so easy to meet businesses who were hiring – I got 3 interviews and 2 job offers in 2 weeks!” - Tom B.

“The services I’ve received here for free would have cost me hundreds of dollars in the private sector!  I’ve received valuable guidance on resumes and cover letters, and advice that has been extremely beneficial in my job search.” - Bruce C.

“I came to your Center everyday for two months plus attended several Breakfast Clubs and took advantage of the Resume Preparation…I start my new job on Monday!” - Catherine P.

“Prior to my attendance at workshops and professional development meetings, my resume, experience and perseverance had not netted even one job interview. It is only due to the highly valuable assistance and training I received from the One Stop Center that I now receive calls and e-mails weekly requesting interviews.” - Anna K.

"Thank you all for your service. I was able to secure a great job…..from the listing that you all sent me….thanks so much!” - Chris S.

“I am happy to report I found employment…the benefits and pay are excellent. Thank you for all of your support….I appreciate what everyone at WorkSourceOne does to help those of us who need help.” – A. R.

“This program was the best thing that has happened to me in a while. It gave me a very good work experience and if it wasn't for this program I wouldn't have a job. Also, I would have never got the experience so thank you so much. - Sterling

"I have gotten three interviews just from coming to the Center for this past month!” - Carol H.

“The Niagara County Employment & Training program helped me get a job when I couldn't find one. It gave me a chance to work with amazing people. Seeing (my Youth Counselor) believe in me kept me motivated. I had just gotten out of jail and have a felony and she helped me succeed. She gave me a chance to start a career in maintenance, I was blessed to be given the chance to experience a real job. If (she) didn't believe in me I would be out on the streets struggling or in jail. Instead I have a full time job earning $10.00 an hour.” - Richard


“Participation in the Employment Skills Training Program for Youth has meant a lot to me!  I am honored that I have been able to participate in this program.  I have learned great skills for good work ethic, as well as helpful tips in applying for jobs and how to do well in an interview." - Valissa


"The program helped me earn spending money.  I have learned to manage my time better.  I am able to see and work with people other than my family and friends.  I have really enjoyed doing this." - Stephanie

"Without the Employment Skills Training Program for Youth I would never have such a good opportunity to make friends, money and even manage to get a full time job.  I especially thank my Career Counselor for providing me with these services and my Work Site Supervisor for being such a huge help on making me understand the basics of having a real job." - Patrick

"Participation in the Employment Skills Training Program for Youth means very many things to me.  This is my second time working for the Youth Program and both the first and second time were extremely helpful for my future.  In the future I will be working in the medical field and this program has helped me get a spot to fulfill my wishes and gave me experience in a hospital setting.  Having my anxiety disorder I was very nervous to have a job and still go to school but thanks to a few people I work for, they told me not to worry and gave me a flexible schedule.  These job experiences have taught me a lot about people skills and how to be more outgoing.  I am all about helping people so being able to work in the hospital setting has helped me in multiple ways." - Alissa

 Quick Quotes

"Just wanted you to know I have a full-time job! I started last week … Thanks for all your help!!"

"I have accepted a position… You were very helpful in revising my resume and listing websites for job searches. Thanks for keeping me updated on the upcoming events."

"I just wanted to tell you that I got offered the job … thank you so much for your help!"